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When it comes to making a web video that you may use to advertise your business or show off your products, you will want to take the time to make sure that it is produced in a way that will be highly beneficial to the needs of your company. To accomplish this you could choose to direct and produce the video yourself, or you could go out and look for a studio or company to help do the job for you. Since most people are not naturally talented at directing and probably have a lot of other things to take up their schedule, chances are you will be looking into the latter option, and you may be happy to know that there is a lot available for you to choose from in this department. All you need to do is go online and search for a web video production company to get yourself started, and from there on there are just a few things you should remember to do before you hire the production house for the job.

One thing to remember is that quality is extremely important, so if you happen to be a bit unsure of the web video company in question you should always make sure to do a bit of research on them first. Try and find out how long they have been around and what sort of videos they have made for companies in the past. Every company like this should have a portfolio of videos available for you to look at so that you will be able to get a basic idea of the quality you could expect if you hired them for the task of producing a web video for you as well. When you approach a web video job like this, always remembering to consider the details carefully, it is quite likely that you will end up with great results, so make sure to put in the effort you need to make a choice like this wisely.

Another thing that might be on your mind is the amount of money that you will have to pay in order to have a video of this sort produced for you. There are plenty of companies these days that can help you to produce a web video, so you should not feel as if you have to settle for anyone without looking around for the best offer. In most cases, the best production company is the one that is committed to providing outstanding quality at a relatively moderate price that you can afford. Making sure not to go over budget with your video is another thing to keep in mind, although remember that if you are unwilling to pay good money for a web video you might end up with something of low quality.

As you can see, it can take time to figure out what sort of corporate video producing company would be the right one to hire, so make sure to do your homework on the subject carefully.

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Most modern ad agencies realize that traditional print, radio, and television ads are quickly being replaced by more dynamic advertisements that invoke a raw emotional response. An advertisement is meaningless if the person viewing it is not absorbed into the ad and inspired to act on it.

In today’s competitive marketplace, every print ad needs to be original and stand out for it to be effective. Take for example every printed car ad that you have ever seen. It is a car on a page surrounded by words. The car may have all the latest features, a sleek frame, and a unique style, but someone who is not specifically looking for car ads is going to just quickly skip over it without a second thought. There is nothing about the advertisement that is intriguing them to take a closer look.

Consumers High Expectations

In the technological world we live in, there is a higher expectation from savvy consumers in regards to advertising. Traditional one dimension print ads are quickly scanned and skipped over without having a real effect on the reader. They have seen the same type of ads over and over again, so the power is lost.

A 3D ad on the other hand will jump off the page, literally. Most consumers are not familiar with 3D advertisement, so the mere fact that it is a different style of ad than what they are used to seeing will grab their attention. Using the car example that was mentioned earlier, a 3D car ad will inspire the reader to take a closer look since the car stands out.

3D Mobile Ad

If it is a 3D mobile ad, the consumer can also view the car from every angle. Simply by the touch of their finger, then can rotate the car and check out the entire vehicle using their mobile phone. This gives the user an interactive experience. Instead of a stagnant image of a car that they will bypass without real consideration, they now have the ability to essential “play” with the ad.

Most 3D mobile ads will also allow you to zoom in and out on specific features. Consumers find this compelling because it feels as if the car is in the palm of their hands and they have the power to truly inspect it. High-quality 3D mobile ads will also have options where consumers can adjust different features, like the color of the car. By clicking a button on your mobile device, you can see what the car looks like in every color it is offered in. That’s power!

Print Ads vs. 3D Mobile Ads

Let’s do a quick comparison with the stationary print ad versus the 3D mobile ad. A stationary ad is stagnant and lifeless. There is no interaction, no options, and nothing that compels a reader to take a closer look. On the other hand, a 3D mobile ad is in motion and alive. Consumers can interact with it and test different options which will compel them to take a closer look. There is no doubt that a 3D mobile ad is more effective.

Smart ad agencies that want to give their clients the most effective advertisements need to tap into this new technology and start thinking about 3D. This is a technological world and being able to offer the latest and greatest technology is essential for success. By using 3D mobile ads, advertising agencies can tell more compelling stories that will generate a greater response for their clients.

Who’s Using this Technology

When is comes to actually implementing this newer technology, there are a few companies that a brand can go to for help; Cooliris and [a•mo•bee] to name a few. As for brands that have advertised in mobile 3D, look to BMW, Nokia, Autodesk, Bang & Olufsen for good examples.

see the Demo

In the case of the BMW 3D Mobile Ad from above, the statistics are compelling. According to [a•mo•bee], they include a 40% conversion rate, an average engagement time of 74 seconds and a 16% engagement rate.

When asked about the BMW mobile ad, Joe Laszlo, Senior Director of Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence at IAB said on the IAB Tablet Creative Showcase


“What I think is cool about the BMW spot is that it exemplifies a strong digital magazine ad execution. It looks like a glossy full page ad, and conveys a message even if the viewer doesn’t interact with it. But at the same time it has just enough animation and interactivity to make it dynamic and interesting.”

Your Turn 

What are your thoughts on the 3D Mobile Advertising landscape? Is this something you think brands will find a positive ROI from, or is it just another fad? Write your comments in the box below and let us know where you stand.

If you are looking for more information on creating 3D Mobile Ads, ZUM – a 3D Company can help. They’ve worked with Cooliris and [a•mo•bee] to create the BMW ad you saw as well as others for Autodesk, NOKIA and Capital One. Contact them to learn more.

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Many people nowadays have found a channel in the information highway to promote their own products and services and not just their photos, what they did in China, where in Europe they have taken their vacation, how they did the unthinkable, etc. There are even some big-time business firms that already have their own virtual stores on the internet so that they can promote their products and services faster and gain huge revenues. But, the question is, did they have?

Some businesses have actually been successful in their online marketing. But, there are a few that are not lucky and not even close to contacting a lot of people and promote product awareness. There must be something lacking. There must be something that others have done what they haven’t done yet and not yet aware of what it is. The simple thing that they might have overlooked is website lead generation.

Without lead generation that they can do on their respective websites, for sure, they haven’t got any warm sales leads or marketing leads yet and that can make their business go down the internet drain and into the internet marketing sewers. If only these businesses can do a little tweaking with their websites, they might experience minor setbacks and they can get back on their financial feet again.

If they will ask those who are very successful with their online marketing campaign, for sure, they will learn about how to generate more leads and sales, how to increase their return of investments, how to reduce advertising costs and even increase the credibility of their business image. What they need to do is to do a little website lead generation campaign. If they can do all the things that are mentioned here by using and increasing lead generation, they will surely find a boost in their number of marketing leads and also get inquiries from their website.

Through these websites, they can also find out who really are very interested in what they have to offer. To do this, they can add a sort of “Contact Us” page and each page of the site should also include all the contact information of that company or business. To do lead generation for this one, they can lead that contact detail like the phone number to a call to such actions like “Call now” or “Contact us today”, etc.

Another way to make website lead generation to be effective is to provide several ways for a potential client to contact the owner of the site. In the telemarketing services world, professional appointment setters would try to find out what the needs of the client of the company that have outsourced their appointment setting strategies and then, try to see if that lead will try to get in contact with the supplier. If that will happen, then, telemarketers can gather information about that client and give the information to the hiring organization.

After-sales support or in this case, after-qualification support should be accomplished by keeping the customer engaged. For example, in a website, in its Thank-You page, it should show up after the customer fills out a form and give them the option to sign up to try the product or service being offered and they should also provide a bonus offer but not on the official website but through a social media site like Facebook. It’s best to use social media since it can be more popular than their website.

Today, some businesses don’t have the skills to do all these things. That’s why they will try to outsource outbound telemarketing and lead generation services from lead generation companies and they are lucky that they can find a lot of different b2b telemarketing lead generation services companies.

Dara Lin is a business development and lead generation expert. Been helping Malaysian businesses to effectively generate qualified sales leads and increase their sales pipeline volume. More on how to effectively generate b2b sales leads at

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Reach Potential Customers By Branding Your Business Online

In a world where consumers are bombarded with marketing and advertising messages from hundreds of companies a day, some marketing experts believe we are living a technological age where personal branding is vital for your business’s success.

When asked to define “personal brand,” journalist and entrepreneur Valerie Khoo said, “Your personal brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Be The Brand

To become known in your market, you don’t have to appear in a reality TV show or write a tell-all book. Communication expert and author Trevor Young believes there is an easier way. “People do business with people they know, like and trust. Having a strong, visible and trusted personal brand is a plus for the business owner because it differentiates you from the competition.”

It doesn’t matter if you are a start up or an established global business, having a personable and approachable brand makes it worth a lot more than advertising. “We live in a world that’s increasingly open, connected and transparent. That’s not going to change,” says Young. “Consumers are Googling companies and professionals before doing business with them – there may well come a time that if you don’t come up in search engines, you don’t exist. Your competitor, by the way, might just be very visible in Google in a very positive way! Business owners can get involved with genuine intent but at a level that suits them. A lot of social media marketing is about shining the spotlight on others – on your customers, partners and staff.”

So How Do You Shine Above The Rest?

Actor Tom Cruise is known in Hollywood as a money making juggernaut, able to make millions of dollars for his films on opening days. He is also a marketing powerhouse. His brand around the world equals to dollar signs. Between 2000 and 2010, 9 of the 10 films he starred in made over $100million in the box office. If Tom Cruise has shown the world anything it is that it doesn’t matter how big or small you are it’s how you play the game. Cruise still manages to create a solid brand for himself and make his name recognizable wherever he goes.

Your business can become a Tom Cruise powerhouse too. There are multiple ways to get your company noticed above the rest. In this digital age, you have a plethora of social media and avenues to experiment with.

LinkedIn. Known as the ‘Facebook for Suits’, the professional networking site has over 131 million members as of Q2 2011. Whether you are in exporting, importing, Forex or local business, having a LinkedIn account can benefit greatly. Depending on your industry it might be worth being more active on the network. You never know what you may come across.

Twitter. Start a Twitter account and start connecting. It is one of the best tools out there for networking. Young says, “It helps you connect and build relationships with people who in all likelihood you would not get to meet in day-to-day real life.”

Blog. Beginning a professional company blog should form the cornerstone of your online marketing. A blog can contribute to heightening a company’s profile and doubled opportunities for them. Plus, blogs are known to be written with colloquialisms, which is user friendly. Your personal brand is then seen as more personable and friendly.

Media Channel. Start producing your own content and distribute it across social media. This will give your personal brand a voice and potential customers can see the culture and depth of your organization. Blog posts, YouTube videos, podcasts and even an eBook can help turn your expertise into a physical thing. “Sharing your ideas with the world for next to nothing dollar-wise, is an amazing opportunity,” Young says.

SlideShare. Those mind numbing presentations we all used to dread are making a come back but this time with a difference. SlideShare is the ‘quiet giant’ of social media and building a steady community. Make a presentation about your business and embed it on your blog, website or LinkedIn profile. Recent trends show that less is more when it comes to presentations. Apple founder Steve Jobs was renowned for his brief but informative, big visuals.

Australian American media mogul Rupert Murdoch once said, “In motivating people, you’ve got to engage their minds and their hearts. I motivate people, I hope by example- and perhaps by excitement, by having productive ideas to make others feel involved.”

Your business operates around the world with one goal: to showcase your brand to potential customers. Young is enthusiastic about the idea of using social media and online publishing tools to get more people to know, like and trust your business. “In today’s connection economy, that is a decided edge,” he says.

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